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Show Days

Pr. Yassassin Loveme Lillith

Seems bizarre writing this because when I bought home my first little Devon, showing really wasn't something I ever thought I'd do....let alone enjoy...

But, it's addictive ...the day's are now marked off the calendar in advance...it's become part of my life...I've met some weird and wonderful people.

This year I did something I've always dreamt of, Lucien and I went to the Supreme.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all ?"

Kentish Cat Society, 21st October 2017

Lazarus obtained his Champion title today, Thank you Mrs F Green for awarding Lazarus with his 3rd CC. Very proud and a big thank you to Maria and Ian for coming for the afternoon, just wished he would of been in a better mood so I could share some photos! 3rd in side class AC Foreign Aristocrat Adult. Such a lovely show with lovely friendly people.

Surrey & Sussex Cat Association/London Cat Club, 18th March 2017

Lazarus Lazarus

A lovely day with my old friend Julie that I hadn't seen for 8 years coming up from Portsmouth to join us, Lazarus came home with two CC"s, totally unexpected! but a big thank you to Steve Crow and Sandra Woodley. Makes all the hard work and stress seem worth while! Good to see Edward and Georgie who just come back from their Honeymoon. Thank you all for coming on a rather special day.

Surrey & Sussex; Devon Rex Adult Male, Mr S.Crow.
Yassassin Lazarus, only Male in class, 1st and CC awarded.
London Cat Club; Devon Rex Adult Male, Mrs Sandra Woodley.
Yassassin Lazarus, only male in class,1st and CC awarded.
Lazarus also picked up a 2nd in a side class.

Kentish Cat Society, 15th October 2016

Lazarus on his first outing, I do love the Halloween show and its such good fun, I did try to join in by wearing white face paint, orange eyes and green lipstick, I did keep forgetting I had it on and it became very quickly smudged! We very proud of Lazarus, named after the David Bowie musical......I've not seen the light!

Devon Rex Male kitten
1st Yassassin Lazarus
2nd Adpixfo Simply Red
Thank you Mr P Cornish and for the lovely critique that can be read here.
Placed 2nd in both side classes. Great day!

The Bucks, Oxon and Berks Cat Club, 21st September 2013.


A good day out, not often I take out a home breed baby but this little guy stood out from an early age, he coped amazingly well with his first show; Valentine is going to live with a good friend.

Devon Rex Kitten, S Woodley

 First & Best of Breed - Yassassin Thenextday.

Valentine was placed 1st of 3 in one side class, unplaced in the other.

The Maidstone and Medway Cat Club, 15th December 2012.


A good day out, but sadly Dorothy had her last CC withheld, they do say the last is the hardest to get!

Devon Rex Female, M Chapman-Beer

 First, CC withheld - Yassassin Killer Queen.
Second Rogus Barberella.

Dorothy was placed 2nd and 3rd in two side classes.

She enjoyed her day and it was good to see Sarah, Truly and Dyna.

Sarah & Truly Sarah & Dyna

The East Sussex Cat Club, 7th April 2012


A good day out, Dorothy was awarded her second CC and 2nd Best of Breed, not placed in Micellaneous classes. Dorothy enjoyed her day and looked good. She is taking some time of now as is expecting kittens in August. She will be back soon. Really good company on the day and friendly show.

Kentish 15th October 2011

It had been a while since i participated in a show, mainly as I find it hard, with working and solely caring for everthing in the Yassassin household, to get out early.

Dorothy and I decided to get it together for the Halloween local show, so pleased we did as Dorothy had a really great day, she looked good and enjoyed herself.

Devon Rex Adult.  Mrs S Heavens.

1st CC & Best of Breed - Yassassin Killer Queen. Thank you Mrs Heavens from Dorothy.
2nd - Kanelique Kanika.
3rd - Crispus B Minor.

Miscellaneous classes.

Jim Greem Memorial class,A.V Foreign Adult, Kitten or Neuter, Mrs Rose - 3rd.

A.V.Foreign Senoir Adult, Mrs V.A.Anderson-Drew - not placed.

A.V Forgien not won a CC or IC Adult, Mrs Buckeridge - 2nd.

A.V Foreign Radius Adult, Mr G.Martin - 1st.

Kentish 16th October 2010

Titania's 2nd adult show and it appears she was not happy on the day to be back! 

Devon Rex Adult, Mrs M Buckeridge - 2nd
Miscellaneous classes - Not placed.
Kentish Cat Society Class, A.V Foreign Adult, Mrs A Gregory - 2nd.

Surrey and Sussex 20th March 2010

A lovely day spent with my very special friend Barbara Hoole, Barbara came to Kent with me for the weekend to stay with the Yassassin family.

PR Yassassin Loveme Lillith

AV Original Foreign Premier, Mrs Buckeridge - 2nd

Devon Rex Neuter Female, Mr Steve Crow - 1st and BOB, thank you.

Miscellaneous classes - Not Placed.

The London - 12th June 2010

Dorothy's big day out,she surprised me, travelled well, and coped extremely well with her first experience in the show world.  Spent the day with my friends,a lovely day that flew by.

Devon Rex Adult,John Hansson - 1st,CC witheld.

Miscellaneous Classes

A.V. Foreign Debutante Adult, Mrs C Jones - 2nd

A.V. Foreign novice Adult novice adult, Mrs Amor - not placed

A.V. Foreign (living outside London) Adult, Mrs D Harper - 3rd

Croydon Cat Club - 13th February 2010

Luciens first adult show, he seemed to cope well with the day and had lots of visits from his fan club! I was very proud of him.

Open class, Mrs VA Anderson - 1st place and CC.

Miscellaneous Classes

AV Original foreign non breeders, Mrs Buckeridge - 3rd place.

AV Foreign Adult, Mr Parkin - not placed.

AV visitors Adult, Mrs Hudson - not placed.

Maidstone and Medway - 19th December 2009

On a very cold and icy morning Kye,Titania, Lillith and I made the journey to Bracknell to take part in our Christmas show. I can only say it wasn't the same as when held in Gillingham, Kent. Not the same feel at all but never the less to me it marks the end of the year.

Titania, Yassassin Venus Infurs.

Open Class, Mrs L stevenson -3rd place, not great but then she has just had a litter of kittens and her coat lacks condition, she really enjoyed her day and travelled very well there and home....Think she was glad to get away from her 'baby' for the day!

Miscellaneous class's

A.V S.H Visitors, Mrs E Machin - 3rd place.

Not placed in other class's.

Lillith - PR. Yassassin Loveme Lillith

Open class - Mrs B Shingleton 2nd - OPPS!!!

A.V. Original Foreign Premier - Mr Steve Crow - Grand Reserve, not bad going, five in the class.

Miscellaneous class's.
A.V. Foreign Breeders Neuter - Mrs P Wilding - 3rd.
A.V Foreign neuter - Mrs B Shingleton - 4th

My girls did me proud and we look forward to 2010 0n the Cat Walk.

The Kentish Cat Society - 17th October 2009

Lillith didn't enter her Open class today.

She hoped another little girl would get her last PC, and she did.

Showing isn't just about winning, its a great day out, meeting up with friends and celebrating what we love, our cats.

Lillith picked up her 6th best of breed.

Results as follows
Grand class  2nd - Mr. J Hannson,
The Jim Green Memorial class; A.V Foreign Adult, kitten or neuter  3rd - Mr K. Scruton

Lillith spent her winnings on cat treats!

A.V Foreign neuter - Mr. K Scruton - not placed
A.V Foreign neuter - 3rd - Mrs C. Jones
Cornish, Devon, La perms or Sphynx - 1st - Mrs M. Buckeridge

London Cat Club Show -13th June 2009

 Lillith gained her  Premier  title today,  very proud !!.  We had a good day.

Kye helped dear friend Jill with the Cats Protection League stall, again the day passed too quickly......

1st in the Open, thanks to Mrs S Heavens on giving Lillith her 3rd P.C.

Not placed in side classes.

Surrey & Sussex - 21st March 2009

Lillith met her match today, but congratulations to Pr.  Rexiru Silver Spirit on your P.C & B.O.B.

Two special boys joined in the day's fun, Yassassin Ezekiel Stardust (Ezra) and a little boy that I'll always have a huge soft spot for Yassassin Gerontius Dream.( Silas).  Both owned and loved by Jill Bamford.  Kye enjoyed helping Anne on the Rex re-homing stall, another  wonderful day that went too quick !!




Devon Rex Female neuter - Judge Mrs Kaye
1st Pr. Rexiru Silver Spirit
2nd Yassassin Loveme Lillith
3rd Jonscott Yasmin Jazzabell

A.V. Foreign neuter  - Judge Linda Ashmore  3rd

A.C. Abyssian, Cornish, Devon neuter - Judge Wgcmdr M Codd  3rd 

A.V. Foreign Breeders neuter - Judge Mrs Brooks 3rd

Southern Countries Cat Club - 31st January 2009

Devon Rex Neuter - Judge Mrs Klieijn

Lillith did it again!

1st & Best of Breed (two in class - 3 for BOB)

This is Lillith's second P.C

What a wonderfully day out.

Side classes -

Any variety foreign neuter - Mrs Codd - not placed

Any variety foreign breeders neuter - Mr. Parkin 2nd( 7 in class)

Any variety foreign neuter - Mrs Kilby 1st (6 in class)

Rex Cat Club - 1st - Lillith was the only one entered..

Maidstone and Medway Cat Club - 20th December 2008

What a wonderful end to 2008 and a big thank you to Mr. John Hansson for giving Lillith her 1st PC & BOB  on her return to the show world as a neuter girl.  There was three girls in her class.

Miscellaneous Classes:

Any variety short haired female neuter - not placed Judge- Mrs P Wilding

Any variety foreign junior neuter - 3rd - Judge- Mrs V Anderson

Any variety foreign breeders neuter - not placed- Judge - Mr. J Trotter


Devon Rex Adult Male - Judge - Mr S.Crow
1st CC w/h Saskarhans Rammstein
2nd Chichi Aladdin Sane

unplaced in miscellaneous classes.

Not a great day for Lucien, but he enjoyed himself .......and

"he'll be back !!!!"

The Kentish Cat Society - 18th October 2008

DEVON REX KITTEN - 1st Open & Best of Breed - Mrs. S Heavens


ANY VARITY FOREIGN KITTEN over 6 months - not placed - Mrs Jones

ANY FOREIGN BREEDERS KITTEN- not placed - Mrs Wilding

What a great day out for Titania...Wizadora and I !!

Wizardora 's day out

Yassassin  Venus Infurs

Happy and having cuddles  & Show time !!

Supreme - 22nd November 2008

In 2008 I achieved something I'd always wanted to do, I took part in the Supreme with Lucien.

Lucien certainly let everyone know that he dislikes travelling and at no cost is up for motorways !!

My little star soon forgave me, and enjoyed all the attention, fuss and cuddles. Maybe we didn't achieve what we'd liked to, but I was just so proud to be with him on his big day out. All draped in gold silk, and 

" As pretty as a picture."

Results- Devon Rex Adult - Judge Linda Ashmore
1st Philokalia Alf Nelson
2nd Chi Chi Aladdin Sane
3rd Jonscott Study Inblack

The East Sussex Cat Club - 27th September 2008

Titania's  Debutante Show

DEVON REX KITTEN  - 1st & Best of Breed - Mrs Buckridge- "Thank you"



ANY VARITY KITTEN  under 6 months - 2nd- Mrs Wilson


Lillith sadly could not be on there on the day. Lillith was spayed on the 29th September. She is doing fine and looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

 The London Cat Club - 14th June 2008

Lucien's Debutante Show

Devon Rex - Male kitten class - 1st Open - Judge Mrs Heavens

Side Classes  A.O.V foreign kitten - 1st  - Judge Mrs Leighton

A.V foreign Debutante Kitten  - Judge Mrs Denny - not placed

Cornish, Devon or Laperm Kitten - Judge Mr Gow - not placed

2007 was a year !! I won't forget, my little girl Lillith gained three Best of Breeds, one Best Foreign, one Best of Variety, her first C.C at the Maidstone and Medway Cat Show. We are all so proud of her.....Lillith will be back at the end of the year competing for her 1st  Premier, and I thank he for giving me a beautiful little girl, Titania


"Did I do this"