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Forget Me Not

Rainbow Bridge
Rainbow Bridge
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 When the day comes that we have to say goodbye, we feel the pain will never go; as time goes by, day by day, it eases. Soon we can remember them all, their funny ways, the things that made them unique with a smile. New members come into the family, the circle of life goes on, but in our hearts our departed ones stay forever.

Amelia - 27.5.2001- 5.12.2017

Dear little Amelia came to live with us xmas 2011. It's a long story but she was a welfare cat that we fostered for a couple of weeks and she never left... She slowly made our home hers, funny little girl that was bit of a spitfire, lover of eating carpet! but she hadn't had the best of life before she came to us. We allowed her to be herself, we just allowed her to be Amelia. Feel blessed to have been lucky enough to share the last few years of her life with her.

Amelia & Kye Amelia Mealy Bug

Admonsh Space Oddity (Llewellyn) - 17.5.01 -29.11.17

A very sad end to 2017, we said goodbye to Llewellyn, a very beautiful gentle boy who you could not fail to love if you were privileged to meet him. Llewellyn was diagnosed with liver failure 6 weeks before he died peacefully at home.

Twinkle,twinkle little star,
How I wonder what you are,
Up above the sky so high,
Like a diamond in the sky,
Twinkle ,twinkle little star,
How I wonder what you are!

Good night Llews xxxx

Admonsh Space Oddity (Llewellyn)
Black Smoke
D.O.B 17/05/01
Peribrook Wreakin Havoc X Rogus Sarvannahh

Yassassin Angelica Cobweb - 22.4.10 - 21.4.17

May you rest in peace our dear little Cobweb. Cobweb had a middle inner ear infection that caused a fit that she never really fully recovered from just before her 4th birthday. She used to drive us mad with her need to chuck my very beautiful plates from the walls....they ended up, what was left being secured by blue tack!!! Her love for attacking feet remained almost to the end. In early March she was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Thank you Grant Stuart for caring for Cobweb, and Maria for your care and support with a very brave little cat.

Cobweb Cobweb Cobweb Kye & Angelica

Black Smoke   D.O.B 22/04/10
Ch Peribrook Ziggy Stardust X Yassassin Venus Infurs


I awoke the morning of the 29th Jan 2017 to a sleeping but cold Mary Lou, she looked very peacefull. The day before was mild enough to open the pen window on the back of the house, she played, watched the birds feed, ate pilchards on her tea, a dear little soul with the loudest of purrs. Not a shock the angels came, but were just hoping we would have her for longer.


D.O.B. 9th May 2016
Adelfsh Mrjinxofrextacular X Bolrose Esmarelda

Marylou was born here in July, on her first primary vaccination it was noted a strange noise was coming from her heart, the noise was still there on her 2nd vaccination. An ECG was performed by Mr Steve Carter of Priory Vets in November this year, and we found she was born with a hole in her heart. Marylou will stay part of the family with all the love and care she deserves.


25th September 1993 - 12th May 2013

Sleep tight, keep safe our dear Georgie.


Tortie & White D.O.B. 25.09.93

Little Georgie arrived in January, 2011. Her owner had died and shortly after that her life long friend Emie passed away to. At first she just slept, ate only when encouraged with a gentle voice and warmed food. Slowly Georgie began to feel at home. In old age she does very little, walks to her tray to go to the loo, walks to her food to enjoy some biscuits, it's very obvious that through life she has acquired a taste for only the best feline food. She asks us for very little, enjoys a fuss, very aware of everything that goes on around her. Everybody who visits is given a big loud Meow, her pleasure in life is her heated bed, little paws kneading away in bliss over the warmth. I can imagine she was quite a young lady, full of "Devon" charm and character. She's a wonderful old lady today, we adore her and hope she will be happy spending her final days with us.

Yassassin Mortisha Delisha (Morty)

31th October 2003 - 1st February 2013

Your over powering ways are so missed, still can't believe your gone, but you are at peace now; Morty was put to sleep with me by her side.

Black Smoke  DOB 31/10/03
Bolrose Ebeneezer X  Admonsh Wordonawing

Heavensent Mr. Bojangles (Bo)

30th January 2006 - 29th August 2012

Mr Bo Jangles was diagnosed with HCM August 2011. After 8 months on tablets he lost his fight, and his summer years, he was just 6 and a half. Although we knew that he didn't have long there is nothing that prepares you for losing such a young beautiful cat. We miss him so much.

Mr Bojangles
Heavensent Mr. Bojangles (Bo)
2IC & 2 Best of Breed
Apricot Tabby Point
D.O.B 30/01/06
Thairano Tyler X Hemlock Angeli Skizofreni


16th April 1994 - 25th October 2010

DD and i had sixteen years together, the little old lady just grew old. A month before I lost her, as I was helping her up the step I found a tumor on her hip. The boys and I knew the time was coming to let her go, we spoilt her, let her steal the cat food if she wished! DD was gently PTS at home, allowed to die with some dignity. I'm not a dog lover, but I loved my little dog very much. We miss you, Goodbye DD. XXXX


Bolrose Ebeneezer (Ebby)

Silver tabby

Sire: Gr Ch Mogwye Hocus Pocus X Dam: Bolrose Heavenscent

Bred by Mrs B Hoole

 26.10.00 - 22.10.09

I've just lost my beautiful big boy suddenly. Where did the nearly nine years go that I was owned by him? The Yassassin house hold is a very quiet place without his presence, his demanding ways, huge personality, spirit of fire. I was lucky he loved me as much as I loved him, there will never be another Ebeneezer, a true gentleman,  I miss him very much.

If tears flowed into a river, I'd would have been swept away
Could time of been stopped, I'd of held you for one more day.
No need for ribbons, gold cards, a crown, I know that's you, the biggest bright star shinning down.

I first met Barbara back in 1999, after being introduced to her by Kate Hardwick. I'd been enquiring about a stud boy for my first Devon girl - I didn't have a boy of my own at that time.

On entering the "Bolrose"household for the first time it was, for me, what dreams are made of.....everywhere I looked , sitting pretty, very contented, very beautiful, in an assortment of colours, was this very wonderful breed of cat. Whilst leaving Esma, to return 200 miles back to Kent, I didn't know at the time this was to be the start of a different journey for me: my journey through life with my own beautiful cats.

Barbara and I got on well, and early in the year 2000,...... Barbara offered me Ebeneezer, my first entire boy.

Ebby travelled well back to Kent, sleeping all the way, not a peep out of him, He made himself straight at home, there was no hissing, no one batted a eyelid at the new arrival. Perhaps they knew they wouldn't win so just didn't bother!

Together we did a few shows, travelled a few miles - I didn't drive at the time, but he happily sat on my lap whilst making the journey by train. The trouble started when we arrived at the vetting in bench, "all hell broke loose "!

Every time we attempted another show the  " white coat syndrome" got greater. So we called it a day, I respected his ways and his wishes, he didn't want to be a superstar !!

He's gone on to sire some lovely kittens - some doing very well on the show bench - which thankfully do not appears to have inherited the white coat gene !!

A loveable rogue ? So bold, so loving, very cheeky. If you choose to ignore his presence he'll give you a nip to reminds you that he's still there. If you don't pick him when HE wants, he'll climb up your legs......so you have no choice in the matter ! Spoilt? Maybe just a little bit !

But then he's special - My first boy - Ebeneezer

Sailorman Scamper (Esma)

Blue tortie  DOB 02/08/98
Sailorman Jack the Lad X Bolrose Chameleon

This is for my dear little Esma, gone but never forgotten

I Kiss you gently tears streaming from my eyes,
the time has come to say our goodbyes,
gentle little soul now set free,
when my time comes, please be waiting for me.

Good night Esma

02.08.98 -17.08.09 "Sleep tight little one"

Maryetta 16.03.2000 - 05.09.2000
A very special kitten that touched the hearts of many

David 04.07.1990 - 08.03.2001

Peggotty 23.01.1999 - 07.04.2006
My first siamese

Merlin, my first feline friend