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Ch Yassassin Lazarus

Lazarus Lazarus Lazarus at 9 months old Lazarus at 9 months old
Lazarus Lazarus

Black Smoke - D.O.B 09/05/16

 Adelfsh Mrjinxofrextacular X Bolrose Esmarelda.

Lazarus has this super temperament, long strong neck, big oval paws and a level bite......he will be out on show soon.

Yassassin Count Hieronymus

Hieronymus Yassassin Count Hieronymus
Yassassin Count Hieronymus Yassassin Count Hieronymus

Silver Tabby - D.O.B 18/06/12

 Adelfsh Mrjinxofrextacular X Yassassin Lady-Stardust.

On the 18th June Delilah gave birth to her first litter of kittens, it was obvious that the little silver tabby was very small and I felt at that time would not survive; I weighed him and he was under the viable birth weight for a kitten to survive without help.

The three girls soon started to feed, but Hieronymus did not or show any signs that he was going to. He took to the bottle well, grew slowly, consistently. Never once did he feed from his Mum and if you look at the picture of him above he always remained slightly distant from his siblings. Hieronymus, oop's... "Count Hieronymus" if you please, would not have made it without help around the clock, sometimes every one and a half hourly feeds in the night.

On his first visit to the vets for his vaccination the vet showed me the obvious that was wrong, one back leg being shorter than the other.

Hieronymus has grown into a big chubby boy, so sweet and gentle, just part of the family, I couldn't part with him for all the money in the world, this special bond has formed between us. My dearest little boy is soon to be neutered.

Hieronymus update September 2013.

Hieronymus was neutered in early 2013, xrays taken of his hips and front two legs, the xrays were sent to "The  Fitzpatrick orthopaedic specialist", this is the referral unit that has been on T.V for work building new feet and legs for cat's and dog's. Hieronymus has been born with both elbows deformed-joints missing, there is no effective treatment.  His left leg has a deformed hip joint and the femur bone longer than the right hand side.  There is a surgical procedure, a hip arthroplasty could be performed if this becomes necessary in the future.  It is just the way he has been born.

This year Hieronymus had a birthday party, I wanted to celebrate my wonderful little boy who runs better than he walks, he is  the happiest little cat I've ever known, full of zest for life and spirit that puts some humans to shame, I will do my best for him making sure he has a very long happy life, free of pain with lots more birthday party's! If you meet him he will steal your heart....... He is my "most special boy".

Hieronymus update 14th June 2014.

"Special boy's" 2nd birthday - and I reached "Half a Hundred"!

June 2014 brought a time most of us I think have to come to terms with and accept, being 50! I decided to be positive about it, have a celebration, and raise some money for welfare - after all I made it, I'm very happy where I am in life, I have good friends and 16 beautiful cats. But there is one little cat that I just adore, Hieronymus, and he celebrated his 2nd birthday on June the 18th.

It took some organizing, as my world is pretty crazy sometimes. I felt strongly that I wished to raise some money for the Rex Cat Club welfare funds, so a rather lovely hamper was put together, without meat, just a tin of salmon for maybe the cat in the lucky winner's life, as I and most of my friends are vegetarian or vegan.  In total it raised just over 80 to help a little towards cats that come into care.

Hieronymus was totally spoilt, a special table in the yard was appointed for his gifts and cards, a beautiful little soul that so deserved all the attention and gifts. Little H was a good boy and agreed to share all his treats with his brothers and sisters! Oberon was appointed as care worker for the day to keep him in some sort of order!

Jill made us both a cake, Hieronymus had a silver tabby cat! .....thank you Jill. A special day that I will always remember, thank you everybody for coming, and thank you Hieronymus, my little shadow, for being my best friend.

H's birthday cake H

Adelfsh MrJinxOfRextacular (Jinx)

Jinx Jinx
GR CH Yassassin Hocus Pocus (Jennson)
My dear friend Barbara with Jinx
My dear friend Barbara with Jinx

Blood group B
Black smoke F2, D.O.B 24.04.11.
Sire: GRCH Yassassin Hocus Pocus x Dam: Adelfsh Urma-of-Rextacular.

Tested clear of

  • Burmese Hypokalaemia (Familial Episodic Hypokalaemic Polymyopathy)
  •  Congenital Myasthenic Syndrome

I'm pleased to introduce my new boy, "Jinx", he is very special to me, his Grandad is my late Ebeneezer, Granny my Winnifred. He is gentle, calm and siring beautiful kittens. A big thank you to my special friend Barbara Hoole of Bolrose Devon Rex who owns Jennson, GR CH Yassassin Hocus Pocus; without Barbara I would not have Jinx.

Jinx is available at limited stud to queens tested clear of CMS and are FIV and FeLV tested. He is an F2 outcross and produces kittens with super temperament, beautiful coats and good ear set.

Zundabans Byra (Oberon)

Zundabans Byra (Oberon) Zundabans Byra (Oberon) Zundabans Byra (Oberon)

D.O.B 01/09/10

Oberon, my little Fairy King

Champion Peribrook Ziggy Stardust
(Ziggy) - 4 CC & 1 Res GCC

"Ziggy really sang, screwed up eyes and screwed down hairdo like some cat from Japan. He could lick 'em by smiling, he could leave 'em to hang"
words and music by David Bowie

Ziggy Ziggy Ziggy

blood group B

Black Smoke     DOB 16/04/04

Sire : GR CH Peribrook Silver Samurai x Dam:  Peribrook Moon Sprite

Bred by Janet Powell

"The Grand Black Duke", now neutered is living indoors, being totally spoilt, sleeping in my bed, enjoying being part of the family.

Chichi Aladdin Sane (Lucien) - 1 CC

Lucien means - light

" Who'll love Aladdin sane, millions weep a fountain just in case of sunrise, who'll love Aladdin sane"- David Bowie.

blood group A

DOB 24/01/2008

Sire: GR CH Chichi Beethoven X Dam:  Chichi Scheherazade

Lucky me, I have a very handsome young man in my life, Cheeky, entertaining, affectionate and to top the lot, fair haired with wicked blue eyes !

Lucien and I met in April 2008, for me it was love at first sight. A few weeks later Lucien came to live with us. The little guy soon realised it wouldn't take much for him to wrap me around his silky little paws !

Quickly finding his feet in his new home.....often losing his feet from beneath him....very clumsy....it became all to obvious he had no fear of anything....anything he can get into he got into ! Anything he could dismantle very quickly became dismantled!

There is no malice, not a bad bone in his body, maybe a little hint of arrogance, well you can't deny he is gorgeous, and he knows it !

Eyes the colour of blue topaz. crushed cream velvet coat fit for a King.

Lucien has now been neutered.

2014 update - Lucien's change of heart.......

Since the end of 2013 Lucien has slowly been integrated into the family home,i had noticed small changes, instead of howling and making me very anxious on he's last visit to the vets,Lucien "sang" all the way, rolled in happiness on the vets table.....instead of the evil eye when I visited, Lucien asked to be picked up for a cuddle, maybe he doesn't want to fight the world anymore .

I believe they tell us lots if only we take the time to "listen" to them.

Lucien was ready to be given a chance indoors,its taken time but so far its working, Lucien is happy now,we have become very close again.

Who couldn't love............

Aladdin Sane ?