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"Yassassin" - Turkish for long life

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Hello, Welcome to my website.......

Yassassin Kittens

I live in a pretty village  in Kent with my Devon Rexs, a welfare cat called Amelia, Oberon the Sphynx lad, my son Kye and an assortment of other beautiful creatures who allow me to live here and cater to their every need!

As a small scale hobby breeder with a passion for black smokes, my love for this breed started in the early '90's when I first saw a black smoke whilst watching  The Supreme with my elderly Gran - who I was caring for at the time.

My first Devon, Sailorman Scamper, came to live with me eighteen years ago, and I am now lucky enough to be owned by a whole family of Devons  !

I'm proud to say that my animals come before myself.

Come and meet my family.......


Nicola Fereday.

Yassassin Devon Rex

Tel: 01795 521355 or  07717 077867

Email nikkicatcrazy@aol.co.uk